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Meet The Team

The Walton Feel Good Choir is a non-profit community choir run by a committee of volunteers

There is a lot of hard work that goes on behind the scenes. Meet the wonderful people people that make it happen!

Lisa Strong

Musical Director

The Founder and leader of the Walton Feel Good Choir. A professional singer and Occupational Therapist, with a keen interest in harnessing the power of music to aid health. Lisa has a passion for bringing the community together and leads several other local groups

Emma Sarson


Emma has a love of singing and connecting through song. A qualified Midwife and NHS steward, Emma says, “There is something very special about this choir. The benefits to health, both physical and mental, are so clear to see. It’s a fabulously friendly group.’

Emma Hardman

Pastoral Support

A member from the very first session in 2018. With a love of musicals and singing, Emma takes care of the pastoral side of the choir, liaising with members and helping them integrate into the choir family.

Christine Hurling


Christine was previously a volunteer for the ‘Singing for the brain’ Alzheimer’s group and now at Eldercare day centre. She has seen firsthand the amazing benefits that singing has those suffering with dementia and how their memories can reconnect with music.

Marion Simeone

Membership Secretary

Marion is a retired secretary who loves singing and listening to music. “Getting involved with the choir has given me so much. I sing in middle section and love belonging to this choir family.”

Su Butcher

Choir Secretary

Su works in the construction industry as a consultant. She sang a lot when she was younger but the choir has brought her back to singing again. “I’ve made so many great friends, and its also helped with my health.”

Tristan Strong

Logistics / Health & Safety

Tristan can be found humming to himself while setting up the kit. Known as ‘The Wire Man’ he is always behind the scenes keeping everything running smoothly

George Sparkes


In charge of posters and printing for the choir. George says, “The choir has been a blessing, giving me a great place to enjoy, along with the great friends that I have made through it.”

Shaun Hardman

Shaun Hardman

Charity Liaison

“Until I became ill, I was a qualified chef and a call centre team leader. I am responsible for the Choir’s charities, I research and contact local charities and arrange a voting system for the rest of the choir to vote on the shortlist. My wife and I have raised around £35,000 between us for various good causes.”